Hybrid cars are constantly being improved - New Mitsubishi

09/15/2015 16:03:35
Hybrid cars are constantly being improved - New Mitsubishi
Updated technology is called V2H (Vehicle to Home, or "car - the house"), which not only allows electricity to charge the car, but ... give it.

This is the new updated rechargeable crossover Outlander PHEV. This car can be recharged from a conventional household outlet for 5 hours and then travel up to 50 kilometres on electric alone. Once the batteries run out of power or gasoline is required in the case entered a 2-liter internal combustion engine (121 hp). AWD transmission crossover realized by coupling unit and a gasoline motor.

Sometimes you can hear that this style of Japanese "assembled" from the Lada. Like it or not, you can argue a lot of time. But the fact remains - as long as new items from the "Lada" are preparing for production, Mitsubishi has already established mass production of its model (besides, it should be noted that the first time his "X" Japanese people have shown more in 2013 on the concept XR-PHEV).

In addition, a hybrid of an improved noise insulation, has been upgraded suspension. Updated technology is called V2H (Vehicle to Home, or "car - the house"), which not only allows electricity to charge the car, but ... give it. That is to feed the house with electricity! Is it possible at all to connect the car to the power of solar or other renewable energy to be "free fuel".

By the way, the Outlander PHEV is selling now for around $38.000  


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