European's brains and Chinese's money. The result on the photo

09/15/2015 15:22:47
European's brains and Chinese's money. The result on the photo
The Taiwanese company of Thunder Power prepared its own version of an electric vehicle.

The Taiwanese company of Thunder Power prepared its own version of an electric vehicle. However, most of the development of the work was made with the help of the European minds: the design drawing of the Italian company Zagato, engineering - specialists of Bosch, Dallara, and other well-known companies in the automotive world.

The result was a rear-wheel drive sedan with a power reserve of more than 650 km and the ability to recharge at a distance of 300 km in just half an hour. The battery module 125 kW/h feeds electric power of 230 or 320 kW (313 hp and 435 respectively), depending on the modification. This allows you to gain the most powerful version of 100 km/h in 5 seconds at a mass slightly less than 2 tons. 

Something interesting and promising in the interior. Branded board system TP-Touch is extending the entire width of the passenger compartment on the front of the monitor. There appears all the necessary and helpful information. Artificial intelligence is trained to collect and analyse information across the track to give the driver the necessary recommendations. It is expected that the Thunder Power will hit the market in 2017, and production sites will appear in China and Europe.


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